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For a transformative education

The principles

The social transformation we need

What is iTools about?

iTools is a website that offers you a series of digital resources that you can easily access in order to make your classes the best way possible.

Human Rights, Agenda 2030 and the Sustainable Development Goals, as well as Global Citizenship, are essential topics and especially important today.

iTools was developed in order to facilitate the work of educators who wish to address these issues with students with intellectual disabilities.

How iTools works?

iTools is divided into 3 main thematic areas: human rights, agenda 2030 and global citizenship. For each of them you will find printed materials, audiovisuals, good practices and websites pages.

Moreover, you will find materials in several languages: Croatian, CzechHungarian, Italian, Spanish, Albanian, English. Just select the language you want and you will have access to the resources published in that language.


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